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The Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory


November 26, 2014

Exhibition runs November 26, 2014 - January 24, 2015

The 470 Exhibition/Exhibition is four (4) collaborative works based on the organization and curation of a fictional exhibition. The ‘exhibitions’ will be created by teams of students in the 470 Special Topics class who will conceive of a ‘possible exhibition’ that they would like to see realized. The exhibition concepts can range from solo show, historical, contemporary, group, Biennale or whatever the curators decide. Although much of the research will be done outside of the gallery, the gallery will function as a lab/hub and workspace to compile research, material and then to design and realize the final visual resolution. The teams will have access to the gallery during open hours and the 470 Class will be held at its regular time in the gallery. The public will also have access to the space during public hours and can view the process of the work. The second and perhaps more difficult part of the exhibition will be to visually  ... (more) »


ARTH/CCST MA & PhD Students Round Table Presentations

November 28, 2014

Winter 2014/2015 ARTH/CCST Roundtables

The ARTH/CCST Roundtables will take place on Friday, November 28th, 2014 from 11:00am to 4:30 pm in the Lillooet Room, Irving K Barber Learning Centre (1961 East Mall UBC)


Heather Muckart (PhD, ARTH)
Title: Reformation of the Portrait: Banality and Likeness in Early Modern English Martyr Portraits
Moderator: Lisa Andersen

30 minute lunch break

Eva Tweedie (MA, CCST)
Title: Dalla Husband: Printmaking and Automatism
Moderator: Jessica Law.

10 minute break

Siwin Lo (MA, ARTH)
Title: Work and the Work of Art: Agnes Martin 1959–64
Moderator: Vanessa Parent

10 minute break

Margaret Stern (MA, CCST)
Title: Bitter Salt and Merciful Water: The Palestinian/Israeli  ... (more) »


About the Department


Art History and Visual Art were first taught at The University of British Columbia when noted Canadian painter, B.C. Binning, was appointed to the faculty of the newly-formed School of Architecture. The Department of Fine Arts was established as an independent department within the Faculty of Arts in 1955. Since its inception the Department has grown steadily and now includes 23 full-time members of faculty (13 art historians and 10 visual artists). In 2001, the Department changed its name from Fine Arts to the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory to better to encapsulate the innovative teaching and interdisciplinary research interests of the faculty.

The Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory comprises three streams of research-based learning and practice: Art History, with a particular focus on theoretical and critical discourses concerning the social impact of art and visual representation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; Critical and Curatorial Studies, examining through research and exhibition projects issues in contemporary visual culture and display; and Visual Art, with an undergraduate curriculum placing art production, academic learning and a graduate emphasis on preparation for participation in the field of contemporary international art.

The Department’s faculty are actively involved in research and bring this strength into their teaching at all levels. Undergraduate and graduate seminars enhance student experience in advanced academic research and practice. As a result many of our graduates have established distinguished careers in the creative, scholarly and gallery fields.

The main goal of Art History, Visual Art and Theory is to foster critical and reflexive thinking within an inclusive and supportive environment. The Department thus maintains the highest standards of intellectual and administrative practice, seeking to be innovative in pedagogy and international in scholarly perspective.


Our Galleries

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery


The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery has an international reputation for its exhibitions, publications and projects in the area of contemporary art. Its collections and archives are an invaluable resource for scholars.

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The AHVA Gallery


The mission of the AHVA Gallery is to promote research and discourse in the field of visual art by facilitating collaboration and experimentation within the department, the university, and the community. The gallery is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to students, faculty and the community through exhibitions, public programs, and providing a venue to engage in dialogue.

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AHVA Events


November 26, 2014

Exhibition runs November 26, 2014 - January 24, 2015  (more) »


Round Table

November 28, 2014

ARTH/CCST MA & PhD Students Round Table Presentations
Winter 2014/2015 ARTH/CCST Roundtables  (more) »



November 16, 2014

The World of Li Xiongyi
Exhibition runs November 16 to 24, 2014  (more) »



September 25, 2014

AHVA Graduate Jayne Wilkinson new director of Prefix ICA Toronto   (more) »

October 09, 2014

AHVA MA Graduate Monika Szewczyk in the News!   (more) »

October 09, 2014

AHVA PhD Alumni Patrik Andersson in the News!   (more) »



Featured Profile

Ian Wallace
MA in Art History degree, 1968

Wallace has said that his experience at UBC was enriched by a progressive learning environment, his fellow students, good facilities such as the library, informed and active teachers, and a contemporary cultural program of wide scope.  (more) »